Virtual Assistant Training

Wasted Time At Work Costing Companies Billions

For many American workers today, time’s a wastin’ – literally. According to a new survey by America Online and, the average worker admits to frittering away 2.09 hours per 8-hour workday, not including lunch and scheduled break-time. As a matter of practice, companies assume a certain amount of wasted time when determining employee pay. However, the America Online / survey indicates that employees are wasting about twice as much time as their employers expect. calculated that employers spend $759 billion per year on salaries for which real work was expected, but not actually performed. Read more

Virtual Assistant Checklist

The Virtual Assistant Industry is one of the fastest growing industries out there for those looking to work from home. It’s one of the few businesses you can start with little to no money. Some sources say that there are over 25,000 Virtual Assistants out there. If you’re interested in starting your VA business, here is a checklist to get you started. Read more

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