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Developing a Sales Follow-Up Plan

You have to decide the most effective way for you to communicate with a prospect on an on-going basis. It varies from company to company. Here is a basic guide that will help you in developing your own personalized plan.

1)      Decide on Your Sales Approach. Being successful in sales is simply about trying to match your product or service that you’re selling to the people most likely to buy. Each small business must develop an approach to sales that works best for the company and in some cases it may even vary within the company from person to person. There are various approaches that can be taken to generate sales leads as there is no fixed rule. Some businesses prefer the method of sending out a sales letter or material and then following up with a phone call while another company may prefer cold calling.

2)      Build Credibility. Credibility is everything to a small business or sales person. With so many scams and fraudulent companies out there, it’s really hard to gain the trust of a consumer especially if you are a new or small company.

3)      Overcoming Objections. Uncovering and handling sales objections challenges you intellectually and emotionally. It requires you to know the ins and outs of your products and services as well as know your prospect. Product knowledge, creativity, sales tools, and confidence in yourself, your product, and your company must all come together in overcoming sales objections and ultimately closing the sale. You must combine technique with honesty and conviction to get the prospect to resolve any lingering doubt or conflict.

4)      Getting Noticed. Like in every business there will be competition and lots of it.

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Can I Add Networking Contacts to My Email List?

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