Advertising With Business Cards

Business cards also known as a “mini fliers” are a mainstay of company advertising practices. Not only do they give an impression and information about what your company is about, they are very portable and inexpensive to use. Design your company’s business cards to have an attractive graphic or logo and all important information about the company purpose, contact information, and name. Many businesses also put valuable information on the back of their cards, like calendars or measuring tables etc. Something that will make the customer want to hold on to your card. You can have these professionally printed very inexpensively.

How to Advertise with Business Cards:

  • Attach a business card to every correspondence you send out for your company via mail. Stapling it to the top of the paper usually works.
  • Leave business cards behind (possibly on the counter, don’t litter) when you use public restrooms.
  • Leave business cards on the table with your tip money when dining at restaurants. You can also wrap them around your tips that you’d give to hotel maids, valet attendants, the door man, etc.
  • Ask local businesses that have waiting areas or lobbies if it’s okay for you to leave some of your business cards NEATLY placed on their tables.
  • Include a business card with every bill you send out.
  • Pin them on local bulletins. You should be able to find them at places like schools, office buildings, laundry mats, libraries, etc. Many people check these boards on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that your family and friends have them to pass along to people they meet.
  • Include them in all of your greeting cards that you mail or hand out.
  • Always hand a second business card to a customer and set up some type of referral program.
  • For those of you that check out library books, insert one or two cards when you return the book.
  • Make goodie bags that have your card included and give them out at Halloween, birthday parties and other events/holidays.
  • Ask affiliated businesses to allow you to display your cards at their locations. (Perhaps offering them a small referral fee from the clients you get as a result will make it easier to win them over).

Never under estimate the power of a business card. There is no other marketing tool more powerful than a business card.  A company that comes highly recommended is and  You can’t really go wrong with either company. I’m sure you may be able to find companies out there a few bucks cheaper. But cheaper isn’t always better, if your budget is low you surely don’t want your cards to display that, customers will pick up on it. Go ahead spend a few extra bucks, the quality will be well worth it.