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After years of providing solutions in sales and marketing solutions in the corporate world, Trena decided to start Apex Virtual Solutions, a virtual assistant practice. Within six months of starting Apex, Trena was able to bring in 3 additional virtual assistants to assist her in servicing her clients. Now with a practice of 34 VAs, she has used her combined experiences in corporate sales and virtual assistance to create a dynamic coaching program for entrepreneurs and virtual assistants.

10 Reasons to Choose WordPress

WordPress has become of the most popular tools in the world for website building. It is one of the most talked about topics among business owners. WordPress is a open source software program that is absolutely free to use. It also has a great content management system. This software is used for personal use and for business.

The free hosted version also known as the .com version, is mostly used for blogging purposes and has limited features. The .org version requires users to upload the software to their own hosting provider. This particular version is mostly used to create websites. What was once making waves in the blogging world, is now a tool of preference for many website builders. So I thought I’d share my top 5 reasons for me giving this platform 2 thumbs up.

  1. Ease of Use – WordPress can be easily installed on almost any web server. Small business owners are turning to WordPress because it is extremely user-friendly. Site owners can easily add pages, insert blog posts and other small changes with only the click of a button. WordPress has a dashboard, making it easy to navigate through and manage your website.
  2. Themes – Designers love the fact that WordPress has so  many themes that can easily be customized to fit the needs of their clients. There are hundreds of free themes available online. For business owners looking for a more exclusive theme, a web designer can be retained to design a theme based on the client’s requirements. These customized themes also make having a professional looking website more cost-effective for entrepreneurs. Having your designer customize your WordPress theme can knock hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars off their invoice.
  3. Plugins – This is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. There are hundreds of plugins available for WordPress users. Plugins are tools that extend the functionality of your site. They allow you to do anything from adding contact forms to installing flash photo galleries.
  4. SEO – Three words, Search Engine Optimization. This platform makes even the novice seem like an SEO expert. It takes very little effort to get indexed by search engines. WordPress helps you get better ranking by offering features like tagging your posts, adding categories, SEO plugins and sending pings.
  5. Minimum to No Coding or Programming Skills – WordPress requires very little to no HTML or PHP knowledge.

WordPress is definitely taking over the nation, it’s a force to be reckoned with in the design world. I fought hard to stay loyal to my site, but in the end I was won over. Now that you have heard my reasons for choosing this platform, I’d love to hear why you chose WordPress.

Are You Using a Virtual Assistant to Generate Leads?

Attracting a steady flow of leads requires a great deal of time and consistency. Unfortunately time is the one thing that entrepreneurs never seem to have enough of. Building a database of qualified prospects takes lots of phone calls, creative marketing strategies and online searching.

Many entrepreneurs spend so much time managing current clients and creating new offerings that they neglect the prospecting side of their business. It’s impossible to be everywhere and do everything; this is where a Virtual Assistant becomes handy. Virtual Assistants can help you improve the performance and overall effectiveness of your business. While you are handling current business or contracts, your Virtual Assistant can be prospecting for new clients. The key to longevity is ensuring that there is always something in the funnel.

The first step in using a Virtual Assistant to generate leads is to find a credible Virtual Assistant. Some key questions you want to ask are:

  1. How long have you been a Virtual Assistant? It’s important that you select a person or company that has been working virtually for at least 1 full year. Working with supervision isn’t something that just anyone can do successfully.
  2. Do they have any marketing or lead generation experience? This one speaks for itself. You don’t want to hire someone with no experience prospecting because now you’re having to train your Virtual Assistant in addition to the other 100 things on your to-do list.
  3. Where are they located? It’s important that the Virtual Assistant you choose can work when you’re potential clients are accessible. This is especially important if you are going to incorporate phone calls in your marketing strategy.

Once you have chosen your Virtual Assistant, the next step is to make it clear what you want to accomplish, what is the desired end result. It is important to keep an open line of communication with your Virtual Assistant.

Before work begins, create a check-in system or formula that both of you are comfortable with. This system should include some type of reporting schedule, a dedicated time to possibly connect via phone, your sales process and a preset amount of hours you want your Virtual Assistant to work. It is also important for you to get some type of daily leads report because time is always of essence when it comes to a hot lead. Daily lead reporting also creates an accountability system for your Virtual Assistant.

Remember that in order to make money, you may have to spend some. Consistently prospecting equals a constant cash flow. Invest in your business by partnering with a credible Virtual Assistant today.


Written by Trena V. Stubbs, owner of Apex Virtual Solutions. Apex Virtual Solutions ( is global, online business support firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. We help client find alternative marketing and administrative solutions. Our company serves a wide range of individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations and more. We are experts in the day-to-day operations necessary to take a business to the next level.