Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

Twitter is a social networking tool built on a micro-blogging platform. There are millions of Twitter fanatics across the globe and the numbers are rapidly growing. Small business owners are gravitating toward social networking sites like Twitter because it allows them to market to millions of people and the only investment required is their time. The steps below will help you get started.

A Banging Profile

Your profile plays a very important role in your Twitter marketing efforts. Make it interesting and thorough. You want potential followers to know exactly what you do when they click on your profile. Twitter has a feature that allows you customize your background to match your company’s personal branding. Free Twitter Designer and Twit Backs are great tools for the not so tech savvy. There are also companies like 99 Designs and Twitr Backgrounds that will customize your page for under $200. Your profile should make a statement.

Spread the Word

Twitter has a great feature that allows you to import contacts from your address book. This is a fabulous way to start building your followers. Everyone needs to know about your presence on Twitter. Links to your profile should be included in your email signature, on your website, on business cards and on any other material associated with your business. Another great way to grow your Twitter network is to find members in Twitter directories like Just Tweet It and Twello.

Understanding Twitter

The important thing to remember is that Twitter is a social tool and not your own personal advertising billboard. It’s about relationship building and sharing valuable content. Be active in the Twitter community but remember not to flood your followers with posts because no one likes spam. Everything should be done in moderation. As a business owner, you should post tips and other content that your target market will find useful. Promoting your business should be done discreetly.  Instead of posting for people to call you about your services, send them to a great video or article you created.

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