Overcoming the Fear of Cold Calling

During all my years in working with businesses and professional individuals, one of the things that seem to be a common thread between all industries is the fear of selling. That dreadful fear of rejection is one of the biggest reasons cold calling seems to be a sore spot. We all want our businesses or careers to be successful but sometimes fear can hinder that success. So many people are now solely focusing on the internet to do the advertising and marketing for them that cold calling is now becoming a dying art. There is no connection greater than that of a live human being. No online ad or email campaign can build a more personable relationship. Step out of your comfort zone and call a prospect today. Here are 9 tips that will help you get started.

Tip 1: Write it down

Write down a sales call script for various outcomes so that you can be prepared. Don’t get stuck trying to come up with a response.

Tip 2: Stay Focused

Don’t get too side tracked. It’s okay to engage the customer, but you don’t want to spend too much time deviating from your script. It may be necessary to keep a jot list of points that you need to cover in your call.

Tip 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

Role playing is great. The more comfortable you feel with your script, the more natural you’ll come off to the prospect. You definitely don’t want to sound like you’re reading.  The key is to sound calm and relaxed. It should be a conversation and not a sales pitch.

Tip 4: Ask Questions

This is a very important step when on a sales call. You have to ask open ended questions to get the prospect talking. Once they begin talking, you should LISTEN. People love talking about themselves and you want the call to be all about the prospect. Your sole purpose in making the call is to offer them a solution.

Tip 5: Don’t take it personal

If someone says no or hangs up, don’t take it personal. It’s okay; remember they don’t really know you so it’s not you that they’re rejecting. They could be having a bad day or maybe they’re just not phone people.

Tip 6: Keep a Journal

Jot down some notes and record the outcomes of your calls, this way you can see what works and what doesn’t.

Tip 7: Think positive

Go into the call thinking positive. If you go in feeling defeated, you probably are.

Tip 8: Always be prepared

The hardest thing to do is sell a product or service that you don’t understand the value of. Be prepared before making your call to explain the features and benefits of what you’re offering. Know what makes you different from the competition. Your prospect only wants to know how it can help them and if you can’t answer that question, you’ve instantly loss the business and all credibility.

Tip 9: Don’t be afraid to make an investment

If you’re frustrated and have tried all the online tips available for cold calling, it may be time to try something different. Consider hiring a coach or consultant that has experience and expertise in this skill. Another option would be to hire someone to do it for you. Maybe it’s just not your thing, consider outsourcing it.

If you’ve done everything listed in our tips above and still need help or that extra push; contact an Apex representative today at 866-926-7362 or visit us online at http://www.apexassisting.com . We’d love to help; our free consultations will provide you with tons of free information and solutions for taking your company to the next level.


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