Converting Prospects into Paying Customers: The Secrets Revealed

The art of converting prospects to paying customers seems to be a challenge that a lot of small businesses face. Most business owners excel in their area of expertise, but when it comes to selling they often fall short. Here are some key points to consider when presenting your products or services.

Is this really a Prospect?

One of the most important factors in prospecting is to know your target market. Not every business or individual will want or have a need for your product. So please stop telling people that because your product is so great that everyone is basically your target. So not true. A good example would be that if you are selling small business marketing services, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to target Home Depot. Your ideal market would more than likely be a new start-up business or one that has been in business for a few years trying to market independently.

Give and You Shall Receive

The internet has made it so easy for fraud and scam artists. People aren’t as trusting as they once were in the past and they have good reason to feel this way. You need to gain the trust of your prospects and this can be done by letting them sample your work. Offer them something free that will show them that they can depend on you to deliver results. Make your free or trial offer something POWERFUL and ADDICTIVE, something that they want to keep coming back for. Something they’ll PAY for.

You were given 2 Ears and 1 Mouth For A Reason

I was always told growing up that I was given 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. The reason was that I should listen twice as much as I talk. If you just listen to your prospects, they’ll tell you how to sell them. Get them talking about themselves and some of the problems they’ve been facing.

Become a Problem Solver

Once you get the prospect talking about the issues they’ve been facing, your goal is to now be a problem solver. They don’t care about your company mission or values (at least not in the beginning). They want to know how your product or service will help them fix their problem.  This again goes back to step 3, if you have listened to them vent; you should know exactly what their hot points are.

Don’t Be a Carbon Copy

Stop trying to model your business like every other company in your industry. No one likes cookie cutter. Be authentic and original. If you’re like everyone else, the only thing a customer can now base their selection off of is price. Have something about your business that makes you stand out and that makes the customer feel like they’re getting something unique and special.

Show Your Benefits

Stop thinking about price and savings!  Most business owners use price as the first tool for negotiating.  If you’re showing value in your product or services, you don’t need to reduce your price. Present to your prospect, the benefits of choosing your company. If you’re doing it well enough, at the end of the presentation, they’ll feel like they’re getting a great deal even if your quote was one of the more expensive ones.

Take Away the Risk

Give your prospects a guarantee of some form. It could be something like a 30-day money back, a 1st month reduced rate or a 3-day trial. Come up with some type of deal so that the customer knows that if you don’t deliver, that they haven’t lost anything. So now it’s up to you to deliver what you’ve promised.

Ask for the Business

This is one of the easiest, yet most overlooked steps, in converting prospects into paying customers. You have to ask for the business.  Once you’ve given this great presentation and you’ve won the prospect, you have to seal the deal by asking for the business. If not you’ve just given them something to take to the next company and if the next company says that they can do everything that you can, guess how they’ll win them. PRICE!

If you’ve found value in this article please feel free to leave your comments. We appreciate the feedback. Please also know that everyone can’t be a great sales person and no matter how hard you try to master it, it may not be your niche. Apex Bizness Solutions offers some great marketing and telemarketing packages for small businesses. Avoid having to prospect all together, we can do it for you and your only job will be to provide the product or service. Give us a call for a no obligation, solution based consultation at 866-926-7362 or visit us online at


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