Small Business Owners: Have You Lost Your Confidence?

Get Your Confidence BackThis blog entry was actually inspired by my 12 year old son. Baseball season has once again come back around for us. My weekends no longer belong to me J. Well yesterday, my son hit a homerun and won a game that was tied 6 to 6. Needless to say we were all jumping out of our chairs. I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this.

Well our team has been off to a really rough start and my son (who’s usually a pretty good player) hasn’t been able to catch a break. I’ve watched him practice and work so hard. It has almost brought me to tears watching him strike out or hit a caught pop up. That homerun last night really gave him his confidence back which he’d lost a few games back. So the title of this article is “Have You Lost Your Confidence?”

Most business owners at some point have asked themselves one or maybe all of these questions:

“I’m advertising my business, why can’t I bring in more customers?”

“Why is it hard to generate new business?”

“Will I be in business much longer?”

“Am I really cut out for this?”

“Should I have waited to start this business?”

“Is my product or service really as great as I’d thought?”

It’s really not that uncommon to question your decisions and the future of your business. Believe me when I say there’s nothing wrong with that; the problem comes when that’s all you think about.  Negative thoughts will most definitely have a toll on your business. You may have lost confidence in yourself or business and not even know it. Sometimes it’s hard for a business owner to understand that confidence plays a HUGE role in the success or failure of their business. It’s really hard to sell something you now question or no longer believe in.  

Think back to how you felt when you first decided to start your company. What was it that motivated you? What made you decide on that particular product or service? I’m sure you can remember how you once felt so STRONGLY that you would one day blow up. And that people would be knocking your doors down for what you had to offer.  Every business is different and what may have worked for John, may not work for you, but it’s okay. Don’t get discouraged. It’s not over, it just time to regroup.  You may not have a homerun in you right now, but one day you can. Take a step back and evaluate what you’re doing. It could be something really simple like:

  1. Your 30-second commercial or elevator pitch may not be strong enough.
  2. Maybe you’re marketing to the wrong audience.
  3. It could be that your pricing isn’t competitive enough.
  4. If you have a storefront, you may not be in the right location for your market.
  5. Are your ads really selling your product or service? Did you remember to include your “Call to Action”?

It could be any of these things or a combination of these and then some. Get a second, third and sometimes even fourth opinion. Look into hiring a business coach or consultant. You may think it’s a waste of time and or money. But you have to be honest with yourself. Is what you’re doing really working right now? Can you afford to keep doing what you’re doing? Have you lost confidence in your service or product?

Apex Bizness Solutions has been helping small businesses for over 11 years. Our specialty is solutions. We can help you get your confidence and business back on track. Don’t give up on your business. It’s time to breathe life back into your company.

Low on funds? Don’t worry Apex offers a free one week trial. Contact us today at 678-272-8762 and find a solution that works for your business. Need more information, visit us online at


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