Is Print Advertising Obsolete?

At present, the United States owns the highest number of newspapers, magazines, journals etc, with the highest total circulation in the world. According to a research done an average American spends half an hour on reading newspapers etc. So with such a high popularity and readership print media remains a best option for advertisers.

Advertisements presented in print media persuade the public to buy a product, a service or an idea. They help in forming a good public image for a company. The most essential objective of print advertising is that it enables to create a good public image of the company rather than of the product. Print Advertisements grab their attention by their size, color, visualization, layout, positioning or by a striking headline or slogan or appeal. They create interest by holding out to consumers the hope or promise of achieving something or being someone. They stimulate desire for the product by various strategies such as making you feel “modern”, “cool” or perhaps by offering certain incentives. Further readership surveys provide advertisers with statistical data on which to base their media plans.

Print media offers a wide variety of ways to advertise and helps in targeting the specific audience. A women’s magazine would target those products or services that relate to women, a sports magazine would present sports related ads to cater to its readers. There is no depletion of resources as ads target the specific audiences. Finally, print advertisements impart conviction and in turn urge action to buy the product, service or an idea.

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