Postcard Advertising

If advertising in the paper is bringing in more money than you spend on it, and you can afford to keep advertising, please don’t stop! But if you’re like most small business owners, you have limited funding to spend on advertising experiments. That’s why it’s time to consider some alternative methods.

Postcards are great marketing tools to develop and enhance your relationships with your customers. Often overlooked, postcards have become a fast, easy and reliable way to increase your sales and profits without spending too much on advertising or promotion.

Postcards can be used in a number of ways. You can use it to generate leads, attract more web site traffic, get new customers, and increase sales from your own customer base. It is also a great tool for announcing major changes in business practices or events in your company.  Here are 10 reasons you should try postcard advertising.

  1. Postcard marketing is really affordable , even for the smallest business. You save on paper, printing costs and labor costs. Plus no envelopes.
  2. Postcard advertising keeps your competition in the dark. They don’t know what kind of specials you’re offering. When you advertise in the newspaper, everyone can see it.
  3. It’s easier to track your results. You can ask customers to bring in the postcard to receive their discount or you can ask them to refer to a special code when they call in or order on your website.
  4. Postcards have versatility. You can mail them out to gain new business and you can also send them to existing customers in an attempt to gain additional business. Postcards can also be used when going door to door.
  5. You don’t have to spend lots of money testing this advertising method. You can send out a couple of postcards in the beginning and if it works increase your spending.
  6. Postcards are time savers. Recipients don’t have to worry about opening an envelope. Studies have shown that only 14% of letters are actually read but the reading percentage for postcards is 94%.
  7. Postcards are easy to keep up with and they don’t take up lots of space. Prospects can carry them in their handbag or pocket.
  8. You control the amount of money spent. You decide how many postcards you want to initially mail out.  You can also have the option of not doing mailers at all but instead handing them out to potential prospects or businesses. They can be used as large business cards.
  9. Postcards are easy to prepare. Unlike a letter, you only have to write a short copy.
  10. There’s unlimited creativity potential. You get to experiment with size, shape and design without cost getting in the way.

One comment

  1. I so agree with this! I am starting a mass postcard marketing campaign next week (thanks to Vistaprint) and I am looking forward to seeing how many responses I get from this. I am preparing the postcards as we speak!

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